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Read all about it in, A Dean's Life.

I just realeased my new book called A Dean's Life.

In the book, A Dean’s Life, Dr. Brian Harke shares a unique view of college life by peeling back the façade of the college brochure to share true stories of the student experience. Eye-opening and down-to-earth, the stories will inform and enlighten those considering or currently involved with higher education.

You won’t find these stories in a recruitment brochure or on university websites. As a Dean of Students, Dr. Harke opens his daily diary to share some of the most meaningful experiences he’s had with students over the past 15 years. He movingly describes the real experience of many who work in higher education.

You can find the book the book for purchase at www.adeanslife.com

In the coming weeks it will also be available on Amazon.com


Failure Is Not An Option.

Dr. Brian Harke

Failure is not an option. Why not? Who says so?
The pressure to succeed and never fail has become so ingrained in society that its effects have caused many students to suffer stress-related illnesses, and psychological distress. Failing has taken on such a stigma that just... Read More


High School to College Transition, Part Three: Social Challenges 

Dr. Brian Harke

 In Part One of this series, I examined the freshman myth, which refers to the overly optimistic and confident mindset that many high school seniors hold about their ability to manage the challenges they will encounter at college. Part two of this series discussed some of the common unrealistic academic expectations that contribute to the freshman myth... Read More


March Madness: College Admissions

March madness is upon us, serving up nail biting, gut-churning, adrenaline fueled anticipation. But I'm not talking about basketball. I'm referring to the anxiety that high school seniors experience each March as they await their college acceptance letters... Read More


It's Who You Know

"Network, network, network." If you are getting ready to graduate, looking for a job or trying to find an internship, you've probably heard that phrase more than you'd care to. Sure, to be successful you need to have the talent the job requires, but talent alone won't get you the job. You need to know the right people. ... Read More


How to Make a Smooth Transition to College

Getting into college was supposed to be the hard part. Then, with mom at a distance, weeks until the first research paper is due, and four long years until the résumés must go out, the good times were supposed to begin.

Think again. The latest annual survey of college freshmen nationwide revealed that those who arrived on campus in the fall of 2010 were the most stressed-out class on record... Read More


High School to College Transition, Part One: The Freshman Myth

Dr. Brian Harke

The month of June is a time of celebration for high school seniors. As they cross the stage in cap and gown to receive their diploma, feelings of satisfaction, excitement and nostalgia are supplemented with the titillation of moving on to college life... Read More


"Mom, I Want To Come Home!"

For many college freshmen, this past week was the beginning of a new  adventure. Freshmen Welcome Weeks are in full swing and new students are  sizing each other up and acclimating to their new surroundings. It is  an exciting time, but it's also... Read More


5 Tips to Getting Along With Your Roommate

One of the most important factors in your success as a college freshman is your rapport with your roommate. College officials say that while incoming freshmen often worry about tackling 15-page papers or getting invited to the best parties, avoiding conflict... Read more


Parents, Lost In The College Transition

Dr. Brian Harke

For many college freshmen, last week was the beginning of their college careers. Freshmen Welcome Weeks are in full swing as colleges and universities help incoming students make a successful transition from high school to college. But what about you... Read more